To see it on full display, you can’t unsee it.

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On January 6, I watched in disgust how a mob of Trump supporters, get this — climbed walls and walked into the U.S. Capitol building to protest their disfavor over Trump losing the election. What?! For real?!

As a Black-American, I was sick to my stomach as I watched the blatant example of white privilege for the entire world to see.

What I saw was the kid-glove treatment in handling rioters, terrorists, insurrectionists — not protesters, which sounds like a nicer term. …

Let’s first start with an unjust food system.

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You’ve heard the convos or whispers — you may have even had a similar thought once or twice: low-income people should try to eat healthy, rather than buying junk food. Really?! How in the hell is a person expected to eat healthy when they can’t afford to buy food in the first place?

There’s something drastically wrong with the food system in America. The poor are shamed for not eating healthy, yet immediate access to healthy food is limited — creating food deserts, food insecurity, and food injustice.

The pandemic exposed the fatal flaws in the American food system, and the racial disparities largely affecting people of color—many, who are essential workers earning low pay. …

Wearing both is the closest thing I found to a life I once knew.

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The scent of my expensive perfume helps me feel a sense of normalcy — during a time when things are far from normal.

A lot has changed since the pandemic abruptly halted my daily routine nine months ago: no commute, no water cooler chats with co-workers, and no lunch-hour workouts at the gym. It’s funny how I used to complain that my commute was too long, my co-workers gossiped too much, and how working out during lunch was such a chore — I must admit that I miss the regularity of my daily routine.

One thing that has remained constant in this whirlwind of uncertainty is the alluring scent of my perfume: L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum, which I’ve worn for 20 years. The woody, floral scent made from delicate flowers, hints of amber seed, and musk is subtle and fresh as sensuality — just enough, but not too much. It’s not the type of perfume that chokes you with one sniff or lingers long after the wearer has left the room. But a scent that entices and awakens the senses with one whiff. …

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Some years ago, I found myself without a job, for a year and a half [yikes!]. I desperately tried to find employment — nothing. During that dark moment in my life, I thought of my late mother and wondered what advice she would give me. Would she tell me to persevere, keep trying, and never give up? As I sat in hopeless despair, I remembered all the wonderful life lessons my mother gave me through her cooking.

Mama was like a musical director in the kitchen — orchestrating the pots, pans, and food in perfect harmony, to create a lip-smacking meal like a melodious jazz tune composed of notes on a music sheet. Like musical instruments, each ingredient followed her direction, while she tossed, mixed, and stirred towards a symphonic encore for her impatiently waiting guests. At the first taste, they were all singing in unison "mmm mmm good." …

Why waste time in the kitchen when you don’t have to!

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Unless you’re planning to live off frozen and processed foods, which by the way isn’t a good idea for your health, you’ll need to bring out a pot or two and cook. I know — you hate cooking — I feel you! I admit there are times I hate cooking too, but we all need to eat and should try to eat healthy as much as possible.

During those times, when I’m not in the mood to cook, I try to cook meals that require as little effort as possible — but still healthy. …

A perfect gift for you or the foodie on your list.

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If you’re a food lover, you know you can never have too many cookbooks. A good cookbook is a guilty pleasure — I have stacks of them. Some of my cookbooks I enjoy skimming through more than others. I’m especially fond of those written by Black chefs because I can relate to the lessons many of them learned from their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen.

This list of 25 amazing cookbooks by Black chefs [each one special in its own way] has a universal message which tells a story of how Black folks connect with food. This connection isn’t just about the physical act of eating food, but there’s a spiritual and emotional connection as well. …

Your future daughter-in-law will thank you.

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The demands of work and maintaining a household are taking an emotional toll on women during the pandemic, according to an article in Time. Why is there such inequality in the household? Simple — the status quo is that only women do housework.

While raising my three sons, I would always tell them that their future wives would worship the ground I walk on. Why? Because I trained my sons in how to do housework — the mindset that only women do housework is sexist bullshit.

I was raised with three brothers who bullied me into doing their house chores. I’d like to think that my mom trained my older brothers in how to do house chores — but then maybe she didn’t, since she was a stay-at-home mom when they were younger. …

A safer way to travel abroad. No baggage required.

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There are two things in life that I absolutely love — Middle-Eastern dishes and one-pot meals. And, what better way to enjoy these simple, life pleasures together, than in a slow-cooker Moroccan lentil soup!

What I love most about Middle-Eastern dishes are the aromatic spices that seem to transport you to a faraway place, with every bite. I will admit that I don’t regularly cook with many of the spices used in these dishes (Cumin, Turmeric, Coriander), which made me a little nervous about preparing this soup.

Although I often cook without a recipe, I made it a point to follow the Eating Well recipe I used very carefully — only slightly altering by adding a few extra pinches of spices. As with most recipes I’ve followed, you’ll need to add more spices to suit your palate. …

The true joy is hidden in plain sight.

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Thanksgiving 2020 will look so different for all of us! We’re away from family, trying to keep ourselves and our families safe, and so desperately wanting a life of normalcy.

I thought of my oldest son, who made plans to fly from California to Georgia for Thanksgiving but canceled because of rising Covid-19 cases. I guess I will have to save my big, motherly hug for the distant future — boohoo. The pandemic sucks!

While I reflected on this uncertain moment, when families are looking forward to spending time together, I started scrolling through my phone’s camera roll. What started as a few minutes of quick scrolling turned into an hour-long session filled with tears, laughter, and OMGs! I instantly felt powerful. …

This list will help the most novice cook.

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Cooking a healthy Thanksgiving meal takes some thought and calls for a little more attention to detail. For starters, using the best ingredients is very important. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or newbie, who’s planning a healthy Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll need to have the right ingredients on hand.

Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect meal to add more flavor while reducing the added sodium, sugars, and fats — your family and friends will beg for more.

Sure, you could prepare a meal high in sodium, sugar, and fat — but why? You’ve waited all year to show your culinary ‘chops.’ Don’t spoil the opportunity by not using the best ingredients for the most important meal of the year. Trust me — your family will love that you took the time to think about their health. Your food will not only taste good but will be healthy too! …


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Wife, mother, healthy lifestyle lover, and blogger. I’m inspired to write about moments in life that move me!

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