Oh yes, she did, and Instagramers revolted!

Talk to anyone who grew up in a Black Southern family, and they’ll tell you that potato salad is an honored dish. It’s a dish that will make you crown-worthy — like worthy of being the queen of the family picnics and barbecues. But if you make a bad batch, you’re likely banned from the next family gathering.

Black folks are not the original inventors of potato salad, but damn — you’ve got to give them credit for perfecting it. Attend any Black family cookout or family gathering and you’ll find that potato salad is always the star dish —…

Three simple actions to start your day off right!

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Are you the type of person who jumps out of bed when the alarm goes off, grabs the phone, and starts reading emails, checking the news, or scrolling through social media? Or, do you arrive at the office, login, and immediately you’re sucked into reading and replying to the flood of emails in your inbox?

Before you know it, you’re having feelings of anxiety and anxiousness — wondering how you lost control of your day.

This was me two years ago until I decided that enough was enough and took control of how my day started.

We can complain about…

Discover the true path to health and wellness.

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Shhh! Can you keep a secret? It’s a secret many people know and are reaping the full health benefits. Then, there are people who don’t know this secret and are suffering the consequences, because of their lack of knowledge.

The secret to eating healthy is quite simple, but elusive to many: Eat Real Food. That’s it! It’s not complicated. If we eat real food, we stand a better chance of living a healthy life, free of chronic diseases and illnesses.

But what defines real food? Sorry, but I don’t think fast foods qualify as real food. You may not agree…

We expect some food combinations to go well together, like peanut butter & jelly, macaroni & cheese, and cookies & milk. Rarely do we think of vegetable combinations in this same fashion.

When cooking my family’s Sunday dinner, I avoid trying new food combinations — I usually take the safe route. Don’t get me wrong — I do like to cook new foods — just not for Sunday dinner. Because my family looks forward to my Sunday meal, I’m not ready to interrupt their happiness by experimenting with the most important meal of the week.

Once in a while, I’ll…

If you master #3, then the rest is easy.

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If only life came with an instruction manual! We could all turn to a specific page and find guidance on handling life’s journey — the trials, successes, and failures we face. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We stumble — many a lifetime, trying to figure out this thing called life.

If we slowed down, we would see that there are many lessons in nature that provide guidance — we just have to open our eyes and hearts to see them all around us.

During moments of uncertainty, I like to reflect on some of those lessons in nature. They…

We all could use some deliciousness to soothe our souls.

Photo credit: P. Joseph

Can we agree that 2020 was one hell of a year filled with uncertainty, loss, suffering, and despair? So far, 2021 has started off kinda rocky with attempts to overturn election results and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Damn! Not sure how high my stress level can go.

When I’m stressed and emotionally weak, I want foods that will bring me immediate comfort — foods packed with flavor, disgustingly unhealthy like a plate of hot, french fries smothered in melted cheese [The last four years has been one long stressful moment!]. However, as much as I’d like to binge on…

To see it on full display, you can’t unsee it.

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On January 6, I watched in disgust how a mob of Trump supporters, get this — climbed walls and walked into the U.S. Capitol building to protest their disfavor over Trump losing the election. What?! For real?!

As a Black-American, I was sick to my stomach as I watched the blatant example of white privilege for the entire world to see.

What I saw was the kid-glove treatment in handling rioters, terrorists, insurrectionists — not protesters, which sounds like a nicer term. …

Let’s first start with an unjust food system.

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You’ve heard the convos or whispers — you may have even had a similar thought once or twice: low-income people should try to eat healthy, rather than buying junk food. Really?! How in the hell is a person expected to eat healthy when they can’t afford to buy food in the first place?

There’s something drastically wrong with the food system in America. The poor are shamed for not eating healthy, yet immediate access to healthy food is limited — creating food deserts, food insecurity, and food injustice.

The pandemic exposed the fatal flaws in the American food system, and…

Wearing both is the closest thing I found to a life I once knew.

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The scent of my expensive perfume helps me feel a sense of normalcy — during a time when things are far from normal.

A lot has changed since the pandemic abruptly halted my daily routine nine months ago: no commute, no water cooler chats with co-workers, and no lunch-hour workouts at the gym. It’s funny how I used to complain that my commute was too long, my co-workers gossiped too much, and how working out during lunch was such a chore — I must admit that I miss the regularity of my daily routine.

One thing that has remained constant…

Photo by Simona Sergi on Unsplash

Some years ago, I found myself without a job, for a year and a half [yikes!]. I desperately tried to find employment — nothing. During that dark moment in my life, I thought of my late mother and wondered what advice she would give me. Would she tell me to persevere, keep trying, and never give up? As I sat in hopeless despair, I remembered all the wonderful life lessons my mother gave me through her cooking.

Mama was like a musical director in the kitchen — orchestrating the pots, pans, and food in perfect harmony, to create a lip-smacking…

Patricia Joseph

Wife, mother, healthy lifestyle lover, and blogger. I’m inspired to write about moments in life that move me!

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